Enterprise wide Quality Assurance Management & Metrics

CaliberQAMS is a holistic and scalable solution that can be integrated with applications like ERP, LIMS, Training Management System, and Document Management System.
It facilitates the corporate / quality managers the real-time monitoring of quality incidents at every stage, with integrated dashboard and graphical views for pending tasks, completed tasks, personnel involved, time frames.

Pick & Choose integrated Modules

CaliberQAMS is a highly configurable framework which can mimic and adapt to your current process and improve it. It can be implemented as an independent application or part of CaliberQAMS or into the portal for integrated solution.

Customized workflows – from simple process divisions to complex workflows, from Initiate to Investigate and to Plan & Close – can be configured. One can configure formats with restricted access to the portion of the format to a group and create an escalation matrix. It has configurable home page with dashboards, analytics and actionable workflows and your own dashboards and reports… more


CaliberQAMS can generate a wide range of reports for all regulatory needs and business process improvement. Users can configure the home page with dashboards and analytics.

There are more than 200 reports to help you to track and make informed decisions and to give an enterprise and plant wide view. There are drill down dashboards for all levels in the organisation like dashboards for CQA, plant managers,QA &QC heads to veiw deviations,change controls from all locations and drill-down to last detail of incident; Perato chart, a very useful chart which tell you the cause of the incident ( human errors, negligence or equipment failure) and helps to get to robust preventive action;Plant wise pendency reports with dashboard to the QA head helps to keep track of incidents and their CAPA.

CaliberQAMS is a solution with highly configurable, workflow-driven process automation which is 21CFR Part 11 and cGMP compliant. Its helps you in creation, review and approval of change request, deviation recording, automating the entire QA process.

This results in easy planning, scheduling and executing self-inspections, vendor audits and regulatory audits. Through an integrated approach, CaliberQAMS facilitates task management of follow-up actions through CAPA and training. It reduces training needs and process changes through a unique process of addressing configuration needs.


Your enterprise needs determine the QAMS version that will suit you best. Caliber QAMS offers three different models which can perfectly adapt to your enterprise requirements.

Integrated Solution

Seamless integration with LIMS,Document Management System,SAP,Training Management System


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