At Caliber, we believe in careful nurturing. Whether it is a fresher or an experienced professional, our priority is to provide them with a secure space to grow. We ensure that a safe, learning environment is created for each team member to prepare and equip themselves for a great career.


Caliber Family

We are extremely proud to say that we have several team members who have been with us for more than 10 years. This is a direct result of the friendly, home-like culture at Caliber.

Team Strength &  Composition

Our team strength is currently 260. At Caliber, we work with people from different backgrounds like Engineering, Pharmacy, Business Administration, etc.

Culture & Environment

There is a continuous learning environment that constantly enhances the employee knowledge, skills and personality. Associates are exposed to a wider area in the software development life cycle that catapults their skills to a very high level.

Career Growth at Caliber

Persons who perform exceptionally are fast tracked and given double promotions and hikes in line with the promotion. Young people can reach important positions that only very senior people would handle in other companies.


At Caliber, general training consists of classroom training, self-learning and on-the-job training. Apart from technical training, we also provide soft skills training on work ethics, communication and time management.


It is not ‘all work and no play’ at Caliber. We organize a lot of events of various kinds – sports for the sports lovers, intellectual events like quizzes for the brainy ones. Art events like Short film competitions etc. for the creative heads and happy hours fun events to guarantee fun and entertainment for all. We also have initiatives like the Caliber Oratory Club for people to improve their communication and an in-house magazine ‘Spandana’.


A great career awaits you

At Caliber, we hire the best emerging talent from engineering, non engineering, pharmaceutical institutes across India. Graduates and post graduates from campus form a large portion of the new workforce every year. Apply here!

Experienced Professionals

Take the Leap

Whether you’re just beginning your career, making a career change or ready to take your career to the next level, we have a role for you at Caliber. We offer tight-knit teams and opportunities to build and hone your skills with us.

Re-join Caliber

Welcome back

At Caliber, we are committed to building enduring relationships with our employees, providing them with the opportunity to make a lasting impact. Perhaps you left to focus on family commitments, gain skills in a new industry, or fulfill a long-held goal. We’re always happy to have you back.

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