In any business, critical business information lies in documents. Document security and availability of documents on the fly are two great challenges that work in opposite directions. There is also a paradigm shift in the nature of existence of documents existence which is now maintained in diverse media. Managing such documents and securing them is not just important but it is a critical necessity. The most important step in any organization’s document management journey is the first one- deciding to move from a paper based way of managing documents to an Electronic Document Management System. The next step is obviously choosing the right Document Management System.

CaliberDMS comes with rare-to-find features and dynamic integration possibilities with other enterprise applications to manage the cGMP compliance, configurable e-forms that add great value to Quality assurance processes and automating workflow related processes. CaliberDMS helps you create a single centralized repository of all your electronic documentation and features such as, version control, access control and audit trail makes it the perfect system for regulatory document management

Caliber Document Management System – Features

CaliberDMS is also equipped with a variety of features like,Documents creation, on-line Review and approval

  • Document publishing in PDF or Word
  • e-Forms: re-usable workflow based forms
  • File Grabber: Log document directly from a watched folder
  • Authorization and Access control : 21CFR Part 11guidelines
  • Alerts and Intimations: Configurable Event based Application
  • Integration & Dashboards


CaliberDMS® is built on Microsoft .Net web-n-tier architecture which is highly scalable. It can be deployed with ease – in simple sample tracking processes as well as in complex global multi-tier implementations; and at one’s desired pace. Its design architecture enables a host of integration possibilities, making it a platform where other specialized applications can be collaborated!


  • Inter-application Operability by Design
  • OOPS to Address Regulatory Needs
  • Easy and Controlled Upgrades
  • Modular Design to Plug-in or Plug-out
  • Built-in Change Management
  • Built-in Regulatory Reports Management

  • Advanced 100% Web Technology
  • Rich Web Services
  • Choice of Database
  • High Availability
  • Enterprise Grade Architecture
  • Built-in Change Management

  • Adherence to Good Laboratory Practices
  • Adherence to 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines for ER/ES
  • Defect Prevention and Quality by Design
  • Controlling and Audit-Trailing
  • NABL Certified
  • GAMP Compliant Documentation



Caliber Document Management System

Documents Creation

  • Document Preparation
  • Creation of reusable Header Footer Templates
  • Configurable Review approval workflow
  • Optional Word or HTML based document Editor
  • E-forms as documents
Document Publishing

  • Publish documents in PDF or Word
  • Publish created document to a category
  • Publish external document to a Category
  • Organize documents
  • Publish documents directly from External applications

  • Design reusable e-forms
  • Multiple user authorizations
  • Controlled field entry
  • Configurable Workflow for entry by different users groups
  • Review approval cycle.
  • Publish completed forms to DMS
  • Dynamic report generation on the e-Form fields
 Authorization & Access control Alerts & Intimations

  • Configurable document access controls
  • Access policy setting for single or group of docs
  • View permissions through HTML
  • Document Print controls
  • Document Edit controls
  Alerts & Intimations

  • Configurable Event based alerts
  • Critical Documents access alerts
    • Opened by
    • Printed by
    • Duration
  • Review- due alerts
  • Pending action reminders
 Application Integration: (optional API License required)

  • Integration through API
  • Document Log in through external Applications
  • Document View through external applications
  • Organize documents through external application
  • Usage behavioral pattern


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