Caliber celebrates its 17 years in style. This  is an event we all wait where there is fun, competitions, team spirit, talent showcasing. We have fortnight celebrations every year. We divide the whole staff in to teams and give points towards winning and participation. This been an event happening since its inception. This time with a bigger team of 350 members.This event unearth the hidden talent in every individual, develops team bonding, fort the new members of the family its like ,getting to know each other and spreading their wings wider!

This year we had brain games likes Chess, Scrabble, Quiz. Sports that included Badminton, Volleyball and Cricket. The creative events like Mythological day where all the associates to be dressed in any Mythological character and perform, “Caliber’s got Talent “ where each team will have to come up with different Talents and the best of all is the “ Caliber Carnival “ where teams set up stalls with  food and games that can be sold to customers (Co Associates & their Families) . We invited families of the associates to the carnival so that the event is more involving. The teams can use their marketing strategies, name the stall etc and make a profit. Highest profit made team is  declared as the winner.

The points made by all teams in the conducted games & events will be added and maximum points secured teams will be declared the best performed team.Apart from associates meeting their stringent dead lines they put up shows that are extra ordinarily professional and give hard  time for the judges to decide on the winners.

Culmination day is August 6th of every year where winners are recognized. Family members, friends are invited to enjoy the evening with some cultural events.The energy filled two weeks activity drives new energy in every one of us.

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